Ex FaZe Clan Member Frazier Kay Reveals The Mastermind Of SaveTheKids Crypto Scam News

Ex FaZe Clan Member Frazier Kay Reveals The Mastermind Of SaveTheKids Crypto Scam

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Time icon August 14, 2021

With social media influencers and celebrities jumping on to promoting crypto altcoins to their followers, stories of pump and dump have become commonplace. One such recent addition was from the FaZe Clan members.

The Background

In July, FaZe Clan suspended a few of its members for their alleged involvement in a crypto scandal.

The ‘SaveTheKids’ altcoin was promoted by the members but it turned out to be a pump and dump scheme where Kay, Jarvis, Nikan, and Teeqo were involved in selling their positions at the top and dumping the altcoin.

The Mastemind

Now, Frazier Kay has come up with an explanation and revealed what was really happening behind the scenes during that time. He has brought up the name of one person who perpetrated the whole scam. The name is of former FaZe Head of Content, Sam Pepper.

Kay said “I would never, in a million years, purposefully or intentionally try to harm, take advantage, or scam anybody,”

“I am no crypto mastermind. I am a content creator who trusted the wrong people, and it’s led to this disaster”, he added.

“He F**k*d Me Over”

But why does Kay bring in Sam Pepper’s name? Its because according to Kay, Sam is the person who introduced him to the world of crypto and altcoins and without him, Kay would not be in a position to make ‘crypto-related’ posts.

“Without him, I wouldn’t be in this position I am in today, and I would not be making this video,” he said.

Kay says that trusting Sam Pepper was a “massive mistake” of his life that led to this entire drama.

“I trusted [him] to give legitimate advice and make proper decisions because he presented himself this whole time as an expert. I, in no way, thought he would ever f**k me over and his so-called friends, my family, and most importantly, all of my fans.”

Last month, FaZe Clan issued a statement on Twitter announcing the ouster of Kay from their organization and placing a suspension on the other three members ‘until further notice’.

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