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Everything You Need To Know About Upcoming Netflix Original ‘Matilda’

Fans were delighted, the anticipation was high, and excitement was over the roof when Netflix Original Matilda was announced. H

owever, it hit a stand still when fans were informed that Matilda will not be released anytime soon this year. So when is the Netflix Original coming out? Let’s find out.

Here’s an explainer of everything you need to know about the upcoming Netflix Original:

Director, Writer, And Producer

Matilda is a work of Matthew Warchus. The musical movie is written by acclaimed author Dennis Kelly and is based on a stage musical of the same name.

The music for Matilda is given by famous musician Tim Minchin. Working Title Films will produce the project. In the past, they have produced mega hit projects like Billy Elliot, Les Miserables, and most recently the infamous film adaptation of Cats.

When Will The Movie Release?

Talking about the release date, Matilda was expected to hit Netflix in late 2021 but it seems that fans will have to wait for over an year now.

As per reports from Playbill Matilda, the movie is scheduled for a late 2022 release in the month of December.

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Courtesy: WhatsOnNetflix

The movie will be released in cinemas across the United Kingdom and Ireland while hitting the Netflix streams in some regions of the world.

Storyline Of Matilda

Matilda, a young, gifted, and incredibly intelligent five-and-a-half-year-old struggles with the stupidity of her family.

Matilda develops telekinetic powers and takes help from Miss Honey to restrain the tyrannical Miss Trunchbull who runs the school (Crunchem Hall Primary School) she is a student at. Miss Trunchbull loves to give brutal and sadistic punishments to the students.

Who Are The Cast Members?

Emma Thompson plays the role of Miss Trunchbull in the upcoming Netflix Original. She replaced Ralph Fiennes for the role. However the exact reason for this change isn’t revealed by the crew.

Miss Honey’s character will be played by Lashana Lynch – marvel fans, she was Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel!

There will be a Mrs Wormwood character which will be enacted by Andrea Riseborough. Alisha Weir will portray lead role of Matilda.

Let us know how excited you are for the release of Netflix Original Matila on a scale of 1-5. Comment your thoughts right way!

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