Eunhyuk’s Single Drops Ahead of Super Junior-D&E’s 1st K-Pop Album, Fans Excited

D&E, a hip-hop sub-unit of Super Junior, is going all out for their first K-pop album. With the smash track ‘Oppa Oppa,’ the group’s sixth sub-unit emerged in 2011. They’ve only released EPs and Japanese albums so far.

Super Junior – D&E will release ‘Countdown,’ their first Korean language studio album on November 2 to commemorate their tenth anniversary, which falls on December 16. They’re also dropping pre-released solo tracks like Eunhyuk’s ‘be’ to tease the album for the impatient fans.

Donghae and Eunhyuk, rappers and dancers, make up the sub-unit. The former had previously made headlines for teaming with NCT’s Jeno and (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon. He released two singles that he wrote and produced himself. His labelmate Jeno appears on ‘California Love,’ while ‘Blue Moon’ is a duet with female idol Miyeon. Eunhyuk’s solo singles ‘be’ and ‘Red Muhly’ was co-written by him.

The single ‘be’ by Eunhyuk will be released on October 20 at 6 p.m. KST (5 am ET). It will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Melon, and other major music streaming services. The tracklist is as follows:
1. be – Title track
2. Red Muhly

The main track ‘be’ and the b-side song ‘Red Muhly’ make up the single album. Eunhyuk wrote the lyrics for both songs. For the song ‘be,’ he experimented with pop, adding synths and a funky groove. He wanted to be honest about his early fantasies. On the other hand, ‘Red Muhly’ is described as a medium-tempo tune with powerful synth bass.

Eunhyuk has teased the style of song and music video that ‘be’ will be with a series of concept photographs. He is initially seen strolling over the countryside at sunset in a flowing red coat. For a windswept effect, he also wears white and warm pastel stylish clothing.

Fans Excited For Eunhyuk’s Album

The Super Junior member will release a music video for the song “be”. He released two teasers for the music videos. In the first teaser, he is surrounded by lo-fi synth sounds while he tries to craft a song. It employs the use of a vintage film camera. We get a taste of the chorus in the final teaser, which Eunhyuk sings in a falsetto while dancing to a gorgeous choreography.

Fans are excited for the single and have been trending Eunhyuk hours before the release. One fan tweeted, “He KNOWS his power.” Another added, “My king looks ethereal on SM’s channel header.” One shared, “I CANT STOP SCREAMING OVER THIS LOOK ON HIM!!!!!!!!” Another fan did wordplay, “Let’s ‘be’ his support.” One fan posted, “Eunhyuk’s teaser effect on ELF world.”


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