TWICE 6th Anniversary: First English Song And November Comeback Is Revealed

  • Twice has got a piece of exciting news to share.
  • Fans just got the announcement of a November comeback, concert tours and an OT9 music video for TWICE very first English song
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TWICE First English Song

After six years since their debut, Twice has finally released their first English single. The girls have had several viral songs like ‘TT’, ‘Fancy’, ‘Likey’ and ‘Cheer Up’.

While fans love their K-pop songs, some were wondering if Twice would ever release an original English single. And with it finally happening, it looks like the K-pop girl group is going all out for it. Their label, JYP Entertainment, first announced the song titled ‘The Feels’ with a mysterious teaser that piqued everyone’s curiosity. 

Go to prom with TWICE in ‘The Feels’

                            Twice 'The Feels': Release date, concept and all about K-pop group's 1st English song
The Feels | TWICE

In the vibrant and bubbly music video for ‘The Feels’, the girls go back to their girl-crush concept in a fun and fresh way. Like the teasers, TWICE get an invite to prom and they start getting ready for it while dancing and singing to the retro-pop song in a glammed-up pink dressing room. We also see them in different concepts as they rock chic-plaid outfits before getting ready for prom.

TWICE Instagram

They then get all dolled up in pastel prom dresses looking as elegant as the delicate second verse. Full of animated elements we see them dancing in a high school auditorium. The peppy romantic song is all about love at first sight and never letting it go, thanks to their strong connection with each other. They finally channel their inner cheerleader as they end the music video in blinged-up sporty outfits and end up on a poster as they announce their future projects in style.

TWICE | The Feels

Comeback and tour

Looks like they will be celebrating their sixth anniversary for the whole first week of October. TWICE is then planning on having a comeback with their third studio album in November. We will also be getting their fourth tour as restrictions due to the global lockdown are easing up. Their previous tour was being conducted from 2019 to 2020, but the last leg of the tour was left incomplete as the pandemic hit in early 2020.

And fans showed their appreciation by getting the music video to 1 million views in 12 minutes and 2 million in 52 minutes making it TWICE’s the fastest music video to reach these milestones. The single also debuted in the top 5 of Bugs and entered the Genie chart. ‘The Feels’ is also making waves overseas as it debuted at #1 on the AWA Japan Chart. It has also been trending at #1 on MelOn and Twitter. 


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