Ethan Klein & His Parents Slam Trisha Paytas News

Ethan Klein & His Parents Slam Trisha Paytas

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Time icon August 16, 2021

Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas have been in the news for their podcast as the latter left the Frenemies podcast by H3H3 productions. Trisha had walked out of the show after engaging in a heated argument with Ethan.

They had online feuds for quite some time after Trisha’s exit. However, the influencers decided to make peace as they bid goodbye to the show. But that was not all, the drama which seemingly sufficed has been reignited as it took a new turn for the worse. Trisha recently appeared on Keemstar’s podcast.

If you don’t know the big deal of the former appearing in Keemstar’s podcast, read on. Keemstar is known for being one of Ethan’s rivals. Their beef had begun back when Ethan called him out for his controversial actions. This has only led to their rivalry through the years as they take shots at each other on social media.

Trisha’s recent appearance on Keemstar’s podcast seemingly left Ethan hurt and upset. He also took to his social media to share his opinion. The podcast host wrote, “I’m not even gonna front or try to be funny; this just really makes me sad.”

Even if they weren’t on the best terms, both Trisha and Ethan had agreed to maintain a cordial relationship as they are “almost family”. Trisha is engaged to Ethan’s brother-in-law, Moses Hacmon. But it seems like the professional drama is getting personal. Ethan’s mother, Donna Klein expressed her disappointment with the influencer’s actions.

She said that she will not attend the wedding of Trisha and Moses. Trisha had reportedly met Moses after they took part in a dating show hosted by Ethan and his wife. But this was not the end of their exchange as Trisha addressed the backlash she received for being alongside Keemstar.

Fans Call Out Trisha For Her “Sick” Behaviour

The influencer said in their own defence that they and Keem have beef, they and FaZe also had beef. They added, “I go on podcasts to talk and try and find peace with ppl. I did it with Ethan.” The Frenemies podcast had come into being as an attempt to solve Trisha’s complicated relationship with Ethan and his wife.

The YouTuber further talked in their defence as they called out the quick judgements made by people. They revealed they went to the podcast because they wanted to call out Keemstar’s questionable behaviour. Trisha also seemingly hinted that Ethan’s mother texted something to Moses. They blamed her for attempting to destroy their relationship.

The YouTuber wrote, “What u texted moses is the most evil thing to ever put out into the universe…if I’m a weasel, u r Satan for even putting that energy out there”. They further called her an evil woman to write what she did and said it is “unspeakable”. Trisha also said she put that burden on them is the worst karma.

The influencer further hinted at the message that Ethan’s mom sent out to Moses. But they are not the only ones who were disappointed with Trisha’s behaviour. Trisha was also called out by her fans as they expressed their opinion. Many users had taken to Twitter to react to the entire situation.

Many questioned Trisha for betraying the only family they had as they called them pathetic. Few also drew a picture of how it would be for Trisha if Ethan called Gabbie or anyone they have beef with on the H3 podcast. The majority of the users called this move dirty and sick and a few also pointed out how Trisha was wearing the Frenemies merch while they were with Keemstar.

Trisha Also Had Few Supporters

But the YouTuber had a response to the backlash from fans as well. They called Ethan’s fanbase “toxic” which led to more backlash. Trisha wrote, “Ethan’s fanbase is so unbelievably toxic, it’s actually scary. Like for real. I’m not gon be run off the internet. I’ve been doing this 15 years now. Long before any of these people. I’m my own person then now and forever.”

Fans responded as few said they were part of Trisha’s fanbase but they pushed them out by not listening to their criticism. A user called them out as they said Trisha is acting like an “a–hole” and then coming and whining about it on the internet. They added the influencer then complains when they are called out on their bullshit.

However, there were few fans who defended Trisha as well. A user reminded people that H3 had Keem on his podcast as well. They reminded fans how Ethan did a whole episode with Keemstar and it was monetized. Reactions of the fans continue to come by as it remains to be seen if Ethan will be responding to Trisha’s statements.

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