Corpse Husband Shocked As Howie Mandel Reveals He Wants To Play With Him

Corpse Husband Shocked As Howie Mandel Reveals He Wants To Play With Him

Corpse Husband has continued to achieve success. He recently shared a snippet of his possible single after his birthday.

But little did he know that he is in for a surprise two days after his birthday on August 10. The artist was mentioned by America’s Got Talent judge, Howie Mandel in a tweet. He had shared an edited picture of an artist’s rendition of Corpse Husband but without any hair.

Howie was previously a host of the talent reality show before joining the AGT cast. He also used to be a game show host for Deal or No Deal. The long-time host was also the voice of Gizmo in the 1984 film, Gremlins and its sequel as well.

The now-AGT judge took to Twitter and wrote,

“Hi #fandels like this if you want to see me game with Corpse.”

Corpse Husband retweeted the surprising tweet and replied to the judge. He accepted the proposal and asked him to follow this account. The artist wrote, “Deal. Follow this acc Howie, let’s set it up for sometime. I want to know what [yo]u know.”

He is best known for his single, E-girls are ruining my life and for previously streaming Among Us. The influencer has been gaining a lot of popularity after he reached over a million followers on Twitch. He received a gold record for his single on Spotify as well.

Fans shared several memes under Howie’s tweet which featured Corpse’s previous streams. They also urged him to invite bald Sykkuno, to be invited to play. The influencer did share the news with his friend during his stream. Sykkunno was playing Papers Please when Corpse put up a message in the chat.

Corpse wrote, “Sykkuno, do you know who Howie Mandel is?” Sykkuno responded to him as he said that he did know him. The former then suggested that they all should play together and told him that he will message him off-stream. At this time, there have been no announcements on whether Howie Mandel will stream with Corpse Husband and Sykkuno.

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