Escape Room, Horror Movies, And Minecraft: James Charles Shares His Best Day In A Long Time News

Escape Room, Horror Movies, And Minecraft: James Charles Shares His Best Day In A Long Time

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Time icon August 22, 2021

The beauty guru James Charles had one of the best days of his life in a while! He shared what his Saturday recently looked like and how he enjoyed every bit of it.

After some rough few weeks where James Charles was criticized by Internet users for accusing TikToker, it seems now that things are back to normal.

Escape Rooms

James Charles took to his Instagram stories to narrate how he spent his day and its certainly going to make a lot of people jealous. James Charles’ day had good food, fun times, friends, escape rooms, games, and what not.

Just before James shared the video story describing his day, he had asked people who were open to go to escape room with him because apparently all of his other friends weren’t interested. ‘Now accepting applications for friends to do escape rooms with. All of my friends hate them,’ Charles write on his Instagram story.

‘I Literally Had The Best Day Ever’

And guess what? James Charles did go to an escape room by paying $400 for just two people! He ate some tasty Dunking donuts later on.

‘I literally had the best day ever today. I literally got to do all my favorite things and I just wanted to share it with you guys’.

James Charles continued ‘I posted on my story that I needed friends to do escape rooms so my friend hit me up and we ended up doing literally the craziest escape room ever today oh my god! It was $400 for the two of us but it was so worth every single penny.’

All Favorite Things In One Day

James also played some Minecraft and was on a 10 game winning streak. He said it was all his favorite things in one day – Escape room, Horror movies, Minecraft, My Friends, and Good Food.

To end with, James Charles wished all his followers a beautiful Saturday. Tell us what do you think about James day. Was it exciting according to you? Because we think James really had one heck fun filled Saturday!

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