Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff Reveals The Hidden Facts About The WWE Sale

The “who and when” that WWE is selling can and will be the subject of endless speculation and conjecture, but according to Eric Bischoff, everyone who does so, including himself, is aware of the same information. On the most recent episode of “83 Weeks,” the former president of WCW said, “You only know what WWE wants you to know.”

“A week ago, my gut told me whatever we see going on in the press is going to be private,” the author said. “WWE only wants you to see it because they know useful idiots will repeat it and there will be a narrative.”According to Bischoff, Chairman Vince McMahon, who was recently reinstated, is the only one who truly knows.

“You are not a telepathic psychiatrist just because you work with numbers and are a business “analyst,” despite what people may think. You and I both can’t sit in our offices and understand what Vince is thinking, and neither can you “Bischoff, who continues to be adamantly convinced that McMahon wants to take the business private, said. “I would bet almost everything I own on it if there was a place I could bet on that,” he said.

McMahon’ lawsuit from a Delaware shareholder

Bischoff calls the idea of a “pool of investors” a “wild ass guess” and notes that Tony Khan’s team has been involved in that discussion. He also questions exactly who that group consists of.”No one will speak to you after they sign that NDA unless WWE specifically wants it to leak. You’ll learn about it after that.” Though Bischoff mentions how much he values and respects Brandon Thurston’s work at Wrestlenomics, he objected to his assertion that McMahon would be willing to destroy WWE.

Later on, Bischoff said, “Nobody knows sh*t.” They are all making educated guesses, just like we are doing now. Before this morning, McMahon had to deal with a lawsuit from a Delaware shareholder and the potential reemergence of an older lawsuit that was filed in June, prior to McMahon’s initial retirement. He now seems to have to deal with a third.

According to the reports, McMahon has been sued by the Detroit Police and Fire Retirement System in an effort to stop him from regaining control of WWE and from “expediting a sale.”The complaint was also asked to be filed as a class action lawsuit, which could potentially slow down the sale process if the lawsuit gains traction in the courts. 

Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.