Ed Sheeran reveals fascinating details about his re-recorded album Red, with Taylor Swift.

Ed Sheeran only has good things to say about Taylor Swift’s re-recorded album Red, which he co-wrote with her. The singer spoke on the journey that both of them went through to develop two big songs off the album, Everything Has Changed and Run, on Instagram.

Ed and Taylor in RED

Sheeran, who recently released his own studio album, ‘=’ or equals,’ praised Swift for her performance on Taylor’s version of Red. “It’s been so much joy revisiting them,” Sheeran stated as he shared a clip from their brand new song Run.

He also disclosed that the new song Run was the first collaboration between Swift and Sheeran. Everything Has Changed, on the other hand, was written after the last Red album was released in 2012. He wrote, “We re-recorded both of them for Red (Taylor’s Version), which is out today, and they are really amazing.”

The Shivers singer shared his delight by saying that it has been “wonderful” to be able to recall the memories of writing the songs. He encouraged his fans to listen to Swift’s new album. Fans gushed about Sheeran and Swift’s bond in the comments section. “When you two cooperate, it’s always great. When two of your favorites come together, you have a winner “wrote one of the fans The two musicians’ exceptional lyrics in Run were praised by several fans.

Taylor’s re-recorded album Red, released on November 12, includes a 10-minute track called All Too Well, which supposedly discloses the cause for her and actor Jake Gyllenhaal’s breakup.

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