Dr Disrespect Explains Why He Stopped Playing Apex Legends

Dr Disrespect is one the most popular streamers on YouTube. He earlier streamed on Twitch but following his permanent suspension from the platform, he moved to YouTube Gaming.

Dr Disrespect has recently accused Twitch of defaming him and costing him a lot of money in brand deals. The streamer plays a wide range of game titles on his streams and he ensures that his streams are fun and entertaining for the viewers.

Dr Disrespect And Apex Legends

There was a time when Dr Disrespect regularly played Apex Legends on stream but then things were up for a change. Even though the streamer had a love and hate relationship with Apex Legends, he never completely hated the game.

Once, Dr Disrespect slammed Apex Legends as being ‘boring’ and not having the potential to ever be a top-tier sports game. And just few days following these comments, he admitted that the game was a “breath of fresh air” and he loved playing the game.

However, it is no secret that Dr Disrespect stopped streaming Apex Legends regularly on his YouTube channel and fans had unanswered questions regarding the same. Dr Disrespect has now decided to answer all the questions and explained the reason behind his decision to put a halt on streaming Apex Legends.

‘I Love Apex’

The streamer revealed that the reason he stopped playing Apex Legends on stream was because there was no other person to play along.

“Nobody plays Apex Legends on YouTube,” said the two-time after deliberating what game to play next. “Literally, nobody plays Apex.”

“I love Apex. I would love to grind Apex ranked. I actually really enjoyed the Apex grind on the new map. I did.”

 “It’s unfortunate that Timmy doesn’t ever want to play it. And then ZLaner… I don’t know if [he’d want to play it].”

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