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Introducing the Clout News App

With the latest news and analysis from our journalists around the world and also the distinctive human stories behind current events, we’ve got the simplest of our journalism in one place.

The Clout News App aims to provide a one-for-all news platform that caters to every user’s need and provides insights and gossips all essential categories including Fashion and Lifestyle, Web-Series, Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood, Music, TV, Influencers and more!

Get the latest breaking news and insights from around the globe.

This app provides you with:

  • Daily breaking news around all categories and locations.
  • Up to date articles on trending Business insights.
  • Essential happenings in Technology from the Clout News platform and our global network of journalists.
  • Exclusive news regarding developments in Politics.
  • Trending news and gossips concerning major figures in the Entertainment industry.
  • Latest Sports updates, news and exclusive scoops.
  • News on various topics and figures in Lifestyle.

Clout News is read across the globe. Every news is catered to the end user and is carefully crafted in order to give the user the best reading experience.