David Dobrik Smacks His Assistant’s Face Causing It To Bleed In Viral TikTok

David Dobrik is one the biggest and most pouplar YouTubers on the planet. He has achieved the status of an internet celebrity after years of creating content and entertaining the audience. However, just like all celebrities, he is not free from all controversies.

Recently, David Dobrik was stranded in Slovakia and made his return to America after his visa issues were sorted. The content creator has now come under fire after a viral TikTok of him slapping his assistant on the face has gone viral.

What Happened?

In the viral TikTok video, the YouTuber and his assistant Natalie were playing a game that saw each player throw a marker into a cup few feet away from them. Before throwing the marker, the player tells a wager and if the marker goes in the cup, the other person needs to fulfill the wager.

However, when it was Natalie’s turn, she said that if the marker would go in the cup, David Dobrik will not be allowed to watch Spider Man: No Way Home on the first day of release.

But alas, David Dobrik, being the Spider Man fan he is, did not even let Natalie throw the market but smacked her face so hard that she began bleeding (perhaps due to her glasses).

Natalie bleeding on TikTok

However, all of this wasn’t done on purpose by David. It was a light-hearted moment and even Natalie did not get mad at him. She said “You f**king psycho!” as she laughed and Dobrik bowed down in an apologetic position.

David Dobrik Apologises

“I’m so sorry,” he said as Natalie turned the camera on herself, showing her bloody face. “I was trying to hit the marker!”

“Yeah, really, you went ‘boom’ right into my f**king forehead!” she blasted, pretending to fall down again. “You’re not seeing that movie.”

The Internet has already started #CancelDavid hashtags after the incident saying that David Dobrik really physically abused his assistant.

What do you think about the whole story? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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