PewDiePie Does A Hilarious Reaction Video On The World Of Pickup Artists

OGs know the content that PewDiePie puts out on his YouTube channel. The once most subscribed YouTuber on the planet was dethroned by an Indian music channel ‘T-Series’ few years ago but hey, that’s not the point here!

PewDiePie is still famed as one of the elites on YouTube when it comes to reaction videos.

Weird And Creepy

The YouTuber has been doing it for a long time now and recently PewDiePie chose to react to some cringe videos of Pickup Artists.

If you don’t know about pickup artists yet, it is a person (usually men) who intends to establish sexual relations with a female and goes about trying to start a conversation with strangers! The video of pickup artists that Felix reacts to has tons of ‘weird’ and ‘creepy’ artists doing their job.

‘I Feel Like A S***’

PewDiePie’s introduction in the video was classic. He said “How’s it going bros? I haven’t slept, I feel like s***. But there’s one thing that makes me feel even worse – it’s PickUp Artists.”

Felix’s reactions were hilarious and of course, relatable! He laughed out loud at how ‘awkward’ the pickup artists behaved near women they were trying to hit on.

PewDiePie regularly passed comments like “that’s so weird” or “this is the worst one I have ever seen” through out the reaction video.

Reaction To Pickup Artists

The reaction video title ‘Pickup artists need to be stopped’ already crossed more than 930k views within ten hours of uploading. He is not the first YouTuber to do a reaction video at the cringe world of Pickup Artists.

Another popular YouTuber by the name of CinnamonToastKen, having over 4 million subscribers release a reaction video on pickup artists.

At one point in his video, PewDiePie gets so annoyed that he goes for a mini monologue sort of rant. The Swedish YouTuber said “Guys biggest problem with girls is fear of rejection, right? These pickup artists have just created this shield for fear of rejection that they just don’t give a s***, no matter how uncomfortable they make women. It’s so strange, and I’m sorry,”

Have you watxhed the reaction video so far? If not, what are you waiting for? Here you go! Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about pickup artists in the comments!

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