Danielle Cohn Makes Shocking Revelation Against Manager, Michael Weist

Danielle Cohn Makes Shocking Revelation Against Manager, Michael Weist

Danielle Cohn has recently uploaded a YouTube video where she accuses her manager, Michael Weist. She accused him of taking all of her money and forging her signature.

If you have heard Michael’s name before and are trying to recall, let me help you. He is the same person who was Tana Mongeau’s former manager and who was also behind TanaCon. That event was the worst for people who attended and paid the money to be there back in 2018.

It was clearly the worst fan meet-ups and is to this day as 20,000 fans were waiting in the scorching heat with no food or water. Many of the people were also hospitalized which then led to Tana apologizing. She also held her then-manager, Michael accountable.

Let’s come back to the story of Danielle as she took to her YouTube channel to post a video titled, Addressing the Hate + Full Truth! The influencer answered various questions as she explained all the things her fans were questioning her for. At the end of the video, the YouTuber addressed her ongoing issues with her manager.

She did not reveal his name but it did not take much for fans to recognize who this alleged manager was. And Tana was also as surprised as Danielle’s fans were. Michael and Danielle began working together this year in May. But as per the YouTuber, Michael had been dishonest with her contract and finances.

Many of her fans had urged her to get a real manager instead of having her mother in charge of her finances and contracts. She shared that Michael allegedly forged her name and said that he owns her. Danielle said,

“People are like, ‘Oh my God, your mom takes your money’, but you know who takes my money? This manager that I work with that forged my name and he’s saying that he owns me now.”

The YouTuber went on to call out her fans for pressuring her to get a manager. She added that every one of her fans told her she shouldn’t have her mom manage her account. The influencer further said that the one time she trusts a manager, this happens.

Danielle then explained that she knows her fans are concerned but she trusted her mother more than a stranger. The influencer said, “You want to know why I don’t trust managers? Because your family and your blood is way better than some random motherf***er who’s just gonna take my money. So for all of you saying that that is why my mom is doing most of my brand deals. She’s my mom, I know I can trust her.”

Michael was also the former manager of Bryce Hall and had legal trouble with him too.

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