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Conan O’Brien’s TBS Show To End In June

Conan O’Brien is going to put an end to his late-night show as he has an end date. The host will be officially signing off on Thursday, June 24.

TBS announced the news on Monday. The final week of the long-running show will feature various special guests. It will also include an extended hour-long finale as they will look back at the 11 years of Conan.

After the final episode of the TBS show, the host will be transitioning to development with his new show for HBO Max. It will bid adieu to the traditional format of his show on TBS. Conan took to Twitter as he confirmed the date of the final episode and explained to his audience the decision to make the switch.

The host shared something an old Buddhist monk once told him about how to pick something up, one must first put something down. He said, “I’ll be honest with you, he was drunk out of his skull and very belligerent, and I maintain you can pick up two things if you use both hands. He just got mad and started swinging at me, so I ended the conversation and took his advice.”

Conan further called on the people at TBS as he described them to be “lovely” and thanked them for giving him a home. He shared his perception of how the last couple of weeks of the show should be. The host said that he would like to look back fondly at all the “absolute madness” that he and his team have “concocted”.

He had begun his hosting career back in 1993 in NBS as they tapped him to take over as host of the Late Night. The host was a part of the show up until 2009. He then briefly also hosted The Tonight Show. However, it was less than a year before he moved to TBS.

Conan launched his own show in 2010 and his podcast, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend and Conan: Without Borders. He travels the world in this and has been hugely successful. Throughout his remarkable career, he has won four Emmys and six Writers Guild Awards.

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