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Drew Barrymore And Charlies Angels Co-Stars Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu Reunite

Drew Barrymore debuted her daytime talkshow, The Drew Barrymore Show, out to the world on Monday.

The actress started off her show with a bang and brought back her Charlie’s Angels cast together after decades. She introduced Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu for the very first episode.

The Drew Barrymore Show' starts Sept. 14 on FOX 17

The cast seemed thrilled to be reuniting again. However, we get to hear a story about Drew’s invite never making it to the girls. She said that she had accidentally sent her an invite to a little boy. Before that, the actress introduced her Charlie’s Angels cast with love. She said, “I couldn’t begin this journey without two women who have been a part of my heart for over 20 years.”

Drew continued saying they are friends and they are angels. The show would make you think that the cast was in the same studio but it was not the case. They were actually split between an LA and NY shoot to socially distance per COVID-19 standards.

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Cameron was in LA and the other two were in NYC with a six-feet distance maintained between them. However, the pandemic did not seem like a hurdle between the friends.

Drew narrated another incident that she had to overcome while inviting the ladies to her show. Her invitation never made it to Cameron or Lucy but instead, it made it to a random little boy. The actress says she sent an invite to Cameron which was a video of her saying, “Hey listen… I want to ask you something. Will you come to my show?”

Charlie's Angels reunion: Drew Barrymore welcomes Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu to  talk show | EW.com

Drew went on, “…Because I’m so comfortable – I mean we have lived together all over the world –  so of course, to save time I sent her a video while I’m getting dressed.” Both Cameron and Lucy started laughing as the host described the incident.

However, Drew says she is not dumb and they could not see anything but she was getting out of the shower and ringing out of her towel. The host continued that after sending the invite, she got no response from her. She said, “I don’t hear back from her for like two days and I’m like ‘This is weird…'”

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Drew then decided to call Cameron and ask her to see what happened. But Cameron had no clue what she was talking about. Drew told her, “I’m like, ‘the video? You didn’t get my video?'” And then the host revealed that it never reached Cameron and it was sent to a random little boy.

“Lucky him!” Lucy chimed in. Meanwhile, Cameron gave a little more detail and said it was a 7-minute-long video and it was epic. However, in spite of the confusion, the girls made it to the show and had a lot of fun conversation.

The Drew Barrymore Show, retrofitted for the coronavirus era, is being distributed by CBS Television and is airing live at 9 am in cities like New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Miami, and at 2 pm in Chicago, Dallas and San Francisco, and others.

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Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Jane Fonda, Charlize Theron, Tyra Banks, and Adam Sandler will also join the show this week.

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