Cody and Brandi Rhodes have left AEW and are rumored to be returning to WWE

Two important AEW officials may be on their way out the door and back into the arms of their biggest rival. Cody Rhodes, who left WWE in 2019 due to creative differences, was one of the pro wrestling promotion’s founders.

He was drafted alongside Matt and Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks, as well as Kenny Omega, as Executive Vice Presidents (or EVPs). Brandi Rhodes, his wife, has joined the company as Chief Brand Officer. Cody was the first TNT Champion, and the two worked as key figures behind-the-scenes and as on-air talent.

Both wrestlers had success in the company, forming the Nightmare Family faction and enlisting Arn Anderson’s mentorship. Brandi was involved in a number of stories and matches, but her corporate job was the most prominent.

Cody competed against his brother Dustin, Malakai Black, Sammy Guevara, and others in high-profile contests, and he would go on to win the TNT Champion two more times. On the January 26, 2022 edition of AEW Beach Break, he lost the championship to Guevara. Cody spoke against his former employer several times, often in a bad light.

At first glance, this appears to be a very hard announcement to understand. Pro wrestling has long blurred the line between truth and fiction, with “kayfabe” characters and storylines that took place in the real world, much like a reality TV show, but eschewed legitimacy in favour of fabricated writing. Despite his promise to the audience that he would never change heel (become a bad man), Cody’s subversive character arc lately hinted to the babyface (good guy) turning heel (become a terrible guy).

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