Championship Contenders: Western Conference

Championship Contenders: Western Conference

The regular season in the NBA is coming to an end. Teams have been prepping themselves for the approaching Playoffs. We have looked at the title contenders for the tightly contested Eastern Conference. Following that we shall be looking at the gladiators of the Western Conference.

Phoenix Suns:-

The Suns are currently at the top of the League leading both conferences. Their roster cannot be undermined in any way. Devin Booker, their primary scorer, has proved himself as an elite among elites in terms of putting the ball into the basket. Chris Paul’s leadership and playmaking elevates the Suns’ offensive and defensive level. DeAndre Ayton’s presence in the interior puts pressure on the opponent from cutting in. Mikel Bridges has become a reliable two way player, shutting down the opponents best player. Follow that with an aggressive coach like Monty Williams and a depth in bench puts them head and toes above other teams.

Memphis Grizzlies:-

The Grizzlies are the most surprising team in the league. With Ja Morant having a career season in just his 3rd year, they have become close to the 2006 Miami Heat. Dillon Brooks and Desmond Bane provides defensive coverage on the perimeter as well as make 3s. Jaren Jackson Jr’s improvement on the defensive end and Steve Adams’ playmaking has furthered the Grizzlies’ chances for victory. Their bench is filled with young talent who will hustle for the ball as if their lives depended on it. Although Morant is sidelined with a knee injury but he will be back for the Playoffs.

Golden State Warriors:-

The Warriors have bumped themselves into title contention after getting back Klay Thompson and developing their young core in just a matter of 2 years. Stephen Curry is as sharp as he can get from beyond the arc. Thompson had a shaky start but is finding his groove back. Draymond Green continues to be the facilitator, getting his teammate to the spot and defending the opponent’s best player. Andrew Wiggins revitalized his career with the Warriors, slashing to the basket and shooting 3s. Along with a talented bench, the Champions of the old await their opportunity to capture the gold again.

Utah Jazz:-

The Jazz are the most overlooked team in the league at the moment. Donovan Mitchell has been scoring like a prime Dwyane Wade, scoring at will from all over the court. Mike Conley continues to seek retribution for the miss in his 2020 playoffs and has improved his playmaking. Rudy Gobert’s interior presence is still the most feared in the league. Bojan Bogdanovic continues to be a lethal sharpshooter along with a young Royce O’ Neale. Do not sleep on the Jazz because they are coming.

Denver Nuggets:-

The Denver Nuggets are another team with the potential to win. Nikola Jokic is again the frontrunner for the MVP and he will continue to harass his opponents with his scoring and playmaking in the Playoffs. Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. are expected to return before the playoffs bolstering their offence. With complementary pieces like Monte Morris, Aaron Gordon and Will Barton, the Nuggets are the unsung title contender.

Los Angeles Lakers:-

Despite their position in the West, the Lakers have a roster capable of winning the Championship. LeBron James is as great as ever as he aims for another ring. Russell Westbrook aims to get the stigma of a choker from his back. Anthony Davis is set to be back by the time Play-in tournament rolls in. Wit veteran leaders like Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard on the bench, the Lakers can turn this entire lackluster regular season into a fairy tale ride.

The Western Conference is as competitive as they come. No team wants to lose in the playoffs no matter how low of a chance they may have. But among them are the teams who aim for the championship. Ultimately, the victor will be the one who has the greatest will and the determination to win.

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