Buzz Lightyear’s To Infinity & Beyond Trailer Reveals His Origins

The first trailer for the Chris Evans-starring Toy Story origin story, Lightyear, has been released by Disney and Pixar.

The film, which will be directed by the Knives Out star, will tell “the definitive origin story” of Buzz Lightyear and his early days as a Space Ranger in Star Command. Angus MacLane, a veteran Pixar animator who previously served as a co-director on 2016’s Finding Dory, is behind the picture.

the definitive origin story

Buzz Lightyear was initially brought to life in the first Toy Story in 1995, with Tim Allen voicing the action figure who thought he was a real Space Ranger.

Following the popularity of the first two films, a spin-off TV series starring Patrick Warburton as Buzz and Patrick Warburton as Allen was made, presenting the character as a true hero of Space Command. Lightyear was first introduced with an image of the character and the reveal of Evans as the titular hero at last year’s Disney Investor Day, and now fans have even more cause to be eager for the film.

Disney and Pixar have released the first Lightyear trailer, with less than a year until the film’s debut. Set to David Bowie’s “Starman,” the trailer provides the first official look at the Toy Story origin story of the titular space traveler as well as a sneak peeks at Evans’ voice as Buzz.

Official Trailer of Lightyear

For loyal fans of the Toy Story franchise, the first glimpse of Lightyear should be both exciting and promising. While Pixar has never gone from more serious material in their animated films, including the Toy Story movies, Buzz’s origin story appears to be a more direct sci-fi action approach to the character than the studio has ever explored.

The tale should be an interesting new approach for both the series and the character already touched upon with the Warburton-led animated show, thanks to the multiple extraterrestrial threats promised in the film and Buzz’s struggles in his early days as a Space Ranger.

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