BTS 'In The Soop 2' Teaser Reveals 'Secret Castle'

BTS ‘In The Soop 2’ Teaser Reveals ‘Secret Castle’

BTS had appeared on a leisurely relaxed holiday in a house together in the first season of ‘In The Soop with BTS’. Their short trip gave us an inside glimpse of them enjoying some peace and quiet as they were surrounded by nature.

They all lived together in a private lake house called Lake 192. The lakehouse has won the Korean Architecture award and was the location for advertisement shoots as well. This lakehouse for BTS had the main house including a living room, kitchen, three bathrooms, two bedrooms and four terraces. It also had a subsidiary guest house on the lake with two bedrooms and terraces.

After getting an entire lakehouse, BTS got a bigger and better upgrade in season 2. They got a mansion. In The Soop 2 had dropped a teaser on September 22 of the house that was being prepared for the members. In the last season, BTS got in touch with nature and enjoyed their well-deserved time outdoors.

This season, the band will enjoy the comforts of being in a mansion. The season will witness the group relaxing in a customized villa resort with luxurious amenities that are built for BTS only. In true fashion, the location has not been revealed. The teaser gave ARMYs a sneak peek into the house of BTS members. The makers described the place as “Somewhere in South Korea, a secret space like something out of a movie. Deep in the middle of the forest, a space constructed exclusively for BTS.”

Fans Say BTS Will Still Stick Together Even If They Have A Castle

They also reveal that the house was renovated 90 days before BTS arrived. The voiceover helps us to hear the members appreciating the beautiful castle created for them. Jimin was shocked when he talked about the house and how nice it was. The singer was also shocked that it had a swimming pool, a tennis court and a basketball court.

J-Hope shared that the house feels like a mansion while Jin said, “Isn’t this basically a castle?” Meanwhile, V added that the place felt like a secret place he did not want anyone else to know about. The first episode of the second season of ‘In The Soop with BTS’ will air on October 15.

Fans started talking about the season after the teaser dropped. They said,  “BTS IN THE SOOP SEASON 2 is incredible. I can’t wait to watch it. They built a whole castle for BTS and BTS only… Yes my men are Kings and they deserve to be treated like Kings. Hybe has been working on this since a year so since In the Soop 1. Woww”.

A fan joked that because of how close BTS members are, even after having a castle, they will be sticking together. They wrote, “The way there are around 37 rooms in the ‘in the soop’ house but watch bts find a way to share the same bed no matter what.”

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