Bryce Hall Roams Around The City In A Duplicate Cop Car In His Latest Video

21-year-old American TikToker and YouTuber Bryce Hall is well-known for his videos on the Internet. The star shot to fame with his viral clips on TikTok and as of today, he has over 20.5 million followers on the platform. Bryce Hall also has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube.

The latest YouTube video of Bryce Hall is indeed going to give you fun goosebumps. The Internet personality gets in a fake cop car that he and his sway house members fitted with a replica of a police siren, and microphone.

‘We Got A F*uck*ng Cop Car’

Bryce Hall says ‘ we got a fuc*ng cop car’ at the beginning of the YouTube video titled ‘The Cops Came To My House..’. ‘Since we have this cop car though, should we go f*ck with people and mess with’, adds Bryce humorously. Things are about to get really interesting as the video progresses further.

Bryce Hall and his friends go around the city in their cop car replica. They are seen playing around throughout the video by using the duplicate police sirens and the cop microphone speakers. Here’s the full-video if you haven’t watched it yet:

Bryce jokes at a red light with the pedestrians and nearby cars by speaking in the microphone from inside the cop car.

Faceoff With Real Cops

While Bryce and his friends were cruising in the duplicate cop car, they encountered a real police vehicle in front of them. ‘Let’s all act natural like cops’, Bryce Hall says. Others with him in the car giggle and laugh as he further says ‘Would you guys buy this one? looking at the real police vehicle.

No trouble was created and the fake police car passed by the real vehicle without anyone noticing. Bryce and friends later went to a spot where they had earlier caused some trouble drifting a car. They repeated the same thing with the fake cop car. ‘We are the fuc*ng police we can’t get arrested’, he jokes.

Fans Love The Video

The latest video by Bryce is going viral. Fans have flooded the comments section praising how funny and hilarious the entire video was. At the time of writing this article the video has over 400k views and 1.2k comments.

‘Literally love his vids, Always makes me laugh’, comments one user. Another subscriber commented that ‘Bryce Vlogs are literally the best’.


Fun Fact: There are two videos on Bryce Hall’s YouTube channel that have the exact same title of ‘The Cops Came To My House’. One was uploaded 10 months ago and the other one where the group is goofing around in a fake cop car was uploaded 24 hours ago.

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