Bryce Hall Reveals His Next Likely Boxing Opponent

TikTok and YouTube personality Bryce Hall has been honing his boxing skills since participating and losing in YouTubers vs TikTokers against Austin McBroom on June 12th.

While Bryce Hall’s performance was a bit poor on the day, there was another YouTuber-turned-Boxer who lost against his opponent during Battle of the Platforms. It was none other than KSI’s brother Deji Olatunji.

Bryce Wants To Fight Deji

After KSI did not bat an eye to Bryce’s challenge, Bryce Hall has now revealed that instead, he would like to fight KSI’s younger brother DEJI! Deji has lost all the fights of his career so far.

Even though he put a power-packed performance against Jake Paul in his first career fight, Jake always had the upper man and came out as the better man!

What Did Bryce Hall Say?

Bryce Hall, while talking to The Hollywood Fix said “I might actually step in the boxing ring soon.”

“Honestly, a lot of people want me to fight Deji. That might happen. That might be the next one.”

“Deji is actually such a good guy, man. It sucks to see people clown him for something they’d never get the opportunity to do,” he added.

Bryce Hall has been in the news with his boxing practices and gimmicks for quite some time now. Be it getting dropped in a sparring session by UFC legends or be it threatening a fan to knock him the fu*k out, Bryce has been living that boxing life off-stage.

If Bryce Hall Vs Deji Olatunji goes ahead, who would you support? Tell us in the comments!

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