Bryce Hall Reveals He’s Taking Legal Action Against Austin McBroom’s Social Gloves Entertainment News

Bryce Hall Reveals He’s Taking Legal Action Against Austin McBroom’s Social Gloves Entertainment

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Time icon July 14, 2021

The ACE Family has been surrounded by rumours of financial trouble. In the midst of all the chaos and Austin McBroom’s alleged lawsuit, Bryce Hall has revealed that he is also taking legal action against the YouTube star.

A reporter from The Hollywood Fix’s channel asked Bryce questions as the TikTok star was leaving the gym. The reporter mentioned Social Gloves Entertainment, which had hosted the Youtuber vs TikToker boxing event on June 12th. Bryce simply said, “Legally, we’re talking to them”.’

The reporter continued to ask if Bryce and the other performers will be getting paid soon. To this Bryce responded that he is sure everything will come out soon. The TikTok star then went on to explain what he would be doing with the money it garners from the event. He claimed that he will purchase a house for his mother and for himself as well.

In another video from the entertainment portal, a reporter was questioning Bryce as he was on his way to his car. He was asked if the boxing match between him and Austin was called too early. Bryce shared that he felt like he could have kept going but it was the referee’s decision. However, he added that there was one referee who did not like him and admitted that he did not know what he did to him to be disliked.

The reporter further questioned the TikTok star who he would like to fight in the future. He responded that he did not know but he is ready for another boxing match. For people who do not know, Bryce Hall had a boxing match with the ACE family’s Austin in the main card event.

However, after the fight was over, many performers including Vinnie Hacker and Josh Richards claimed that the event’s management had not paid them. Social Gloves Entertainment came forward to refute any rumours of bankruptcy. After that, there were screenshots circulating of alleged lawsuits of Austin McBroom’s company Ace Hat collection that surfaced.

Since then, there have been rumours of the ACE family possibly facing foreclosure of their 7 million Encino home. This is due to them missing mortgage payments and documents for the same were also surfacing online. Austin McBroom has not made any further comments on the financial situation of the ACE Family; nor has he responded to the Social Gloves legal talk.

Do you think all the rumours about the ACE Family is true? Let us know in the comments.

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