Bryce Hall Calls Himself The Cristiano Ronaldo Of His Generation

Famous TikToker and Internet celebrity Bryce Hall seems to be shifting professions now.

While he is an established and one of most followed TikTokers on the planet, Bryce Hall also thinks he can beat the Footballing legend Cristiano Ronaldo at his game.

‘Sway Might Be Back’

Bryce Hall teased the return of Sway Boys by tagging Noah Beck and Josh Richards in his latest Instagram post. He captioned the post ‘sway might be back’.

Following this, The Bread Batch’s Instagram posted a picture of Bryce Hall and Cristiano Ronaldo side-by-side. The post was captioned with a question ‘Is Bryce Hall The Cristiano Ronaldo Of His Generation?’

What Did Bryce Hall Say?

Bryce Hall took to the comment section gassing himself up “Obviously I am.”

“I’m a humble guy, but I’d destroy Ronaldo 10-3,” he soon followed up in the replies.

Bryce Hall was being super confident about his football skills and whole-heartedly believes that he is the Cristiano Ronaldo of his generation.

Just recently, the TikToker talked about his ex-girlfriend Addison Rae and clarified that ‘we’re good.’

Earlier shipped as ‘Braddison’ by the fans, they were one of the most popular celebrity couples on the planet.

Addison Rae has moved on with new boyfriend Omer Fedi. Recently, Omer Fedi posted a cute Instagram storyconfirming that he is dating the TikToker.

While Addison and Bryce broke-up in March of 2021. the two still seem to be on good terms with one another. You can read that complete story here.


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