‘We Are Good’: Bryce Hall On His Ex-Girlfriend Addison Rae

TikToker Bryce Hall was the talk of the town when he made a surprise appearance in ex-girlfriend Addison Rae’s debut Netflix film ‘He’s All That’.

While Addison and Bryce broke-up in March of 2021. the two still seem to be on good terms with one another.

Addison Rae’s New Love

Earlier shipped as ‘Braddison’ by the fans, they were one of the most popular celebrity couples on the planet.

Addison Rae has moved on with new boyfriend Omer Fedi. Recently, Omer Fedi posted a cute Instagram story confirming that he is dating the TikToker.

Addison Rae made her acting debut witth the Netflix film He’s All That alongside Tanner Buchanan last month.

Bryce Hall’s Cameo In He’s All That

Fans rejoiced when they saw Bryce Hall playing a cameo in the movie. Talking about the cameo role he played on Dave Portnoy’s BFF podcast, the TikToker revealed he wasn’t even sure if the scene would make it into the final movie.

“We haven’t talked, but after the movie came out —I didn’t even know that part was actually gonna make it into the movie.” he said.

Bryce Hall also said “Cause it was after the breakup obviously. But then I see it, and it was right after we got off the plane, right Josh? It was right after the plane, and I’m like, ‘yep, I was in it.’ And then it was posted everywhere. And then it just like exploded that I was in it. And I’m like, dude, my cameo wasn’t even that crazy. Are you gonna talk about f**king Kourtney Kardashian and all the other people that just randomly cameo-ed?”

Current Relationship With Addison Rae

On the question about his current relationship with Addison, Bryce Hall had a sweet and very positive response.

“I would say, at least on my end, we’re good. I mean we tweeted at each other.” Bryce added that Josh even encouraged him to tag Addison under her Instagram post where she asked people to tag their exes.


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