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Broadway Theatre To Start Sale Of Tickets From Next Week

Broadway tickets will go on sale this week, although shows will not resume until September 14th.

Theaters will then be allowed to fill 100% capacity, announced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

COVID Restrictions

Thousands lost their jobs when the Broadway Theaters closed in March 2020 as a result of the COVID pandemic.

“Broadway is a big part of our ownership and empire, and we are excited that the curtains will rise again,” Mr Cuomo said on Twitter.

New York plans to lift most of the coronavirus restrictions and guidelines by the end of the month, but Broadway needs more time to get used to it and producers need more time to advertise the shows.

A Daunting Task

“Restarting Broadway is a daunting task,” Charlotte St Martin, president of the Broadway League, an industrial group, told Reuters.

“The green light given by the governor today to put our show tickets on sale now in the fall is critical to our success.”

Safety procedures are still being developed, and it may be necessary for members of the audience to show proof of vaccination.

“We’ve never done this before,” Victoria Bailey, executive director of TDF, a nonprofit organization that manages Times Square ticket sales, told the New York Times.

How Important Is Broadway?

“The last time the theatre industry opened from a pandemic, Shakespeare was still writing new plays.”

Thirty-one Broadway shows were being produced during the Covid-19 outbreak, including Hamilton, Wicked and The Lion King. Some of the projects, including Mean Girls and Frozen, will not be seen when the theatres are reopened.

Broadway supports more than 96,000 jobs in New York and contributed approximately $ 15bn (£ 11.2bn) to the city’s economy by 2019, according to the Broadway League, theater union. That number looks at not only the ticket sales but also the investment to include and run the show, as well as the money guests spend when they come to New York to see the performance.

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