BLACKPINK's Jennie Reveals She's Jealous of Jisoo's Snowdrop Co-Star, Jung Hae-In

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Reveals She’s Jealous of Jisoo’s Snowdrop Co-Star, Jung Hae-In

Jennie admitted to being envious of Jisoo’s co-star, Jung Hae-in, during a recent live broadcast with all BLACKPINK members. BLACKPINK stunned fans on January 25 when all four members appeared on Naver V LIVE to reconnect and have a casual discussion with fans.

Their live broadcast was the first time all of the members had done so in a long time, with the last one taking place in August 2021 to commemorate the girl group’s fifth anniversary. As a result, for supporters – BLINKs – this live broadcast was very noteworthy.

During this live broadcast, the BLACKPINK members discussed Jisoo’s acting debut in the JTBC drama “Snowdrop,” in which he co-stars with Jung Hae In as the main character.

Jennie abruptly turns to Jisoo and sulks while Lisa, Rosé, Jennie, and Jisoo discuss “Snowdrop.” She then admits to the bandmates and fans that witnessing Jisoo and Jung Hae-in together made her jealous.

“To be honest, I felt jealous when I saw the video. In your interview, Jung Hae In said he knew you really what and that he was a BLINK,” Jennie said. She continued, “I obviously know you a lot better. That is why I felt a bit jealous.”

Hearing this, Jisoo couldn’t help but chuckle at Jennie’s “jealousy,” and agreed with her fellow member’s sentiments, stating, “You know me better”. Fans couldn’t help but melt when they heard about Jennie’s lovely little jealousy towards the “Snowdrop” actor, and the “SOLO” singer was incredibly beautiful.

And no matter how much Jisoo’s followers adore Jung Hae In, the couple will never be able to match the powerhouse JenSoo (Jennie-Jisoo) duo!

Jennie’s Cameo In Shinigami Eyes

In other developments, Canadian musician Grimes surprised fans with a teaser video for her “Shinigami Eyes” music video on January 25 local time, the title of which is a reference to the Japanese manga and anime “Death Note”. Fans were especially excited to learn that Jennie would make a cameo appearance in the song video.

Grimes released the official “Shinigami Eyes” music video on January 26th, local time, as part of her mini-album “Fairies Cum First.”

The song video includes futuristic and psychedelic aspects, with Jennie making her highly-anticipated appearance at one minute and 50 seconds, wearing a $2,037 USD Crystal Petal Bra by David Koma and a matching red jacket and pants.

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