Billie Eilish says that as she gets older, her confidence is fading

Billie Eilish spoke on The Drew Barrymore Show recently and talked about how being a pop artist at such a young age affects her confidence. The 19-year-old singer reflected on her AppleTV+ documentary, which showed her walking on stage, breaking her ankle, walking away, and then returning to perform.

“One of the reasons I adore you so much is because you say things like, ‘Look, I simply want to do it a certain way.’ People don’t normally know how to be so open in those situations. How do you just say what’s on your mind?” Drew made a remark while watching the video.

Confidence is Fading

“You know, I’ve always been very, very strong-willed and honest, which I think is both a blessing and a curse, but the funny thing is that the older I’ve gotten, the less confident I’ve gotten, and it kind of made me cry because I was thinking how free-spirited I was and how open-minded I was, and then it’s like, you know, I re-watched the doc a few weeks ago, and it made me cry because And it’s not like it’s enjoyable right now, so I’m trying to figure it out.”

Billie also discussed her journey from fan to pop icon, as well as why she dislikes the term “fans.” “I believe the reason it was so strange to me was because I was a fan one minute and then I was suddenly looked at as this higher up, even when I was 14, and it was so strange because I felt like I wasn’t even somebody. I’m just doing music, and these kids I thought I knew all of a sudden say things like, “Oh, they’re Billie’s fans, and then there’s Billie.”

That’s why it seemed strange to me because I think of them as my skin, like if they’re a part of me and how I get through things. They are always on my side. They’re fans, just like I am, but it doesn’t make them any less than I or anyone else, right?” Billie noticed.

Billie Eilish’s leg tattoo for the first time

In the beautiful outfit, which featured a dangerously high split and a strapless neckline, the pop singer, 19, revealed a rare glimpse of her hip tattoo. Eilish looks to have avoided a true Marilyn-style wardrobe malfunction, despite her hip-high split occasionally revealing a pink undergarment.

When she posed in lingerie for British Vogue’s June 2021 cover, she first showed off her hip tattoo, a big black tattoo that runs from her upper thigh to the middle of her chest.

While she’s rarely pictured with the ink visible, it appears she’s changed her mind about flashing it. She revealed to Vanity Fair in 2020 that she had received a hidden tattoo that “you won’t ever see.”

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