Bella Poarch Gets Candid About Her Depression And Online Hate

Bella Poarch is one of the biggest TikTok content creators on the planet.

She has a massive influencer on the TikTok community and falls amongst the top 5 most followed TikTokers in the world. Her story to fame and stardom is a unique one.

Bella Poarch rose to fame overnight on TikTok when she uploaded a video in which she was lip-syncing to the song by Millie B called Sophie Aspin Send. It is, to date, the most liked TikTok video of all time.

However, with a lot of popularity also comes a lot of critics and hate. Bella Poarch’s rise on the Internet brought about a ton of online harassment comments and hate that started taking a toll on the influencer’s mental health.

‘Stop Uploading Altogether’

In an interview with The Face, Poarch reveals she was having a hard time processing all the hatred and harassment thrown her way.

“I was reading all 10,000 comments one by one,” she said. The situation reached such a situation when the TikToker’s therapist even suggest that she should ‘stop uploading altogether.’

What Did Bella Poarch Do?

However, Bella Poarch did not accept defeat. She said “I thought, this is probably an opportunity for me. If I start letting my fans know that I love music and that I want to be an artist, maybe it will work out.”

I know there are a lot of people who are doubting me but I’m working so hard. After I released Build a Bitch, my confidence just shot up. I go through my messages and people have said the song helped them with their confidence… That’s why I’m making music,” Bella added.

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