One Year Anniversary Of Viral TikTok That Gave Bella Poarch Clout On The Internet News

One Year Anniversary Of Viral TikTok That Gave Bella Poarch Clout On The Internet

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Time icon August 19, 2021

Many of you know who Bella Poarch is and what she does! But did you know how did the TikToker get to this level? How did she get so famous and what was the reason behind her clout?

Well, it all started with a lip-syncing TikTok video which has become the most liked video on the platform to date! Bella Poarch went viral with this lip-sync TikTok exactly an year ago!

How Did Bella Poarch Go Viral?

Bella Poarch’s lip-sync of Millie B’s ‘M to the B’ in August 2020 sent the TikTok community wanting more from this new young talent! It is the most viewed TikTok video to date.

Today, the video has over 51.8 million likes, 1.8 million comments, and 1.8 million shares. The viral video has been watched over 630 million times.

‘Try New Things’

Bella Poarch acknowledged the one year anniversary of her most viral video in a TikTok. She captioned it “1 year ago today! Bee yourself & don’t care what other people think & try new things. Thank you guys for changing my life.”

The official TikTok account commented “YES Bella” and “omg it’s already been a year!?”

Since the viral video, Bella Poarch has gotten a lot of clout and fame on the internet! She is currently in the top 5 most followed TikTokers in the world!

Viral Pokemon-Themed Video

She has released two singles as a solo artist titled ‘Build a B***h’ and her new single was ‘Inferno’. While Inferno is still a new single, she recently promoted it in a TikTok wearing a Pokemon mascot and it has gone viral!

Fans gave her cute nicknames and started calling her Bellachu after the cute Pokemon themed TikTok.

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