Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch Discusses The Level Of Creative Freedom She Has Towards Her WWE Promos

WWE has decided to make wrestlers do scripted promos for years to ensure they don’t say anything inappropriate. Some wrestlers use this method, while others prefer bullet points and creating their own content to say. Becky Lynch, one among WWE’s top stars, is widely regarded as having one of the best promos in the business.

Lynch was asked about promos in WWE and whether she has liberty with them or if she has to memorise promos word for word at the start of an Instagram Live session with former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz. Thankfully, it’s not like that for me, and it isn’t that for Seth Rollins. We have a promo, and sometimes there are lines in it that you have to hit, but they’re often the lines that make you think, That doesn’t sound like she’d say that. We’ve mostly gotten to a point where we have enough equity and trust that we can write our own promotional material.

Lynch stated that it is usually a collaborative process in which she is asked for feedback and they will go back and forth to make the best promo possible. When you have that equity, it becomes collaborative. I think I was too shy to say anything out of turn when you first came up…when I first came up. Oh, these are the phrases on the page, I thought. Every word must be said exactly as it appears on the page. Thankfully, that is no longer the case.

Becky Lynch’s injury report

Becky Lynch’s injury appears to have a silver lining.  Lynch revealed in an Instagram Live session with her husband Seth Rollins, former WWE head writer Brian Gewirtz, and The Rock on Tuesday that she intends to use her time away from the court productively and prudently by writing a memoir about her wrestling career. 

As per Lynch, she’s has being working on the autobiography for a while, and having it on the shelf and reading Gewirtz’s new book, There’s Just One Problem, has given her plenty of motivation to complete what she started. Lynch said of his new book, It’s such a great book. You’ve done an outstanding job. I’m still working on mine, and I’m relieved when it’s finished, it won’t be in competing directly with yours. 

Yours is funny and well-written. Both Gewirtz and The Rock expressed a desire to read Lynch’s book at this point. When would you think you’ll be finished? The Rock inquired of The Man. Lynch should respond within the next few months. Now that I have a bad wing, I have more time to devote to it.

The Rock after which asked Lynch to provide a report on her shoulder injury. Oh, yup, Lynch stated emphatically. I believe like I’ve gained a lot of mobility in my torn shoulder. Because it was so painful when it happened that I thought, Oh no, I’m going to be out for a long, long period of time. But it’s quickly healing now. I’m feeling strong and positive. So I’m holding out hope it won’t be too long.

Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.