Bear Grylls Learns Rajinikanth’s Signature Style of Wearing Sunglasses In An Episode Of “Into The Wild With Bear Grylls’

Superstar Rajinikanth is going to debut on the small screen for the first time with Bear Grylls. Fans are extremely anticipated as his special episode of “Into The Wild With Bear Grylls” is shot within the Bandipur Tiger Reserve province. In addition, the episode will airs on Discovery Channel on 23 March at 8 pm. Discovery and Bear Grylls posted the promo on social media. The Promo provides a glimpse of the adventures they have undertaken.

In the promo clip, we will see Rajinikanth coming on an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV). Also walking into lake water within the jungle, trying a climb victimisation harness ropes and acting different dangerous activities to survive in the jungle. Rajinikanth and Bear Grylls are crossing a bridge as they walk on its edge. The thrilling visuals of the new promo can get your hearts athletics.

The one minute video ends with Rajinikanth speech communication “‘this is that the real adventure”. The actor is also sporting the shades as his signature style.

Bear Grylls has gained an enormous fan following in Asian country when shooting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His episode with National Award-winner actor Akshay Kumar also will broadcast before long.

Bandipur Tiger Reserve is a national park in Karnataka, shaped by desegregation most of the forest areas of Venugopala Wildlife Park established in 1941. Later, enlarged to its current state in Chamarajanagar district, southwest to Bengaluru.