Ateez Go From Rookies To Judges On Show, Fans Say Time Flies

Ateez Go From Rookies To Judges On Show, Fans Say Time Flies

Despite the fact that Ateez only began three years ago, they have already made a name for themselves in K-pop.

They continue to dazzle fans and peers alike with their ferocious performances and commanding stage presence. They had a winning streak on various competition shows; as well as receiving #1 from the judging panel in the first two rounds of Mnet’s ‘Kingdom.’

Ateez made history by becoming the first fourth-generation group to win the most awards on Immortal Songs; and they will now serve as judges. The talent competition Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend is produced by KBS. Each instalment of the music show features a legendary singer.

The remaining six-seven participants then perform their own renditions of the songs performed by the featured artist. Not only are the tunes legendary, but the performers are equally well-known. They are well-known musicians and K-pop groups. Winners have included Gaho, Changmin from 2 AM, and Ailee. It’s also worth noting that Ateez has been invited four times in a year’s time.

In August 2020, Ateez was invited for the first time, and they played Turbo’s ‘Black Cat Nero’. It also resulted in their first victory. They so impressed the founding member of Turbo, Kim Jong-kook, that he appeared in the song’s performance video and cooperated with them this summer.

After that, Ateez and Boys II performed Seo Taiji’s Anyway Song. Rain’s “It’s Raining” and PSY’s “Right Now” were their next two winners. PSY specifically requested that Atinys (their fandom) be featured in his show, which made them even more proud.

San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho of Ateez were reportedly seen filming for an episode of Immortal Songs in which they will be judges on November 1. On October 29, Jongho, the vocal dynamo; became the first fourth-gen male idol to be featured on another popular music competition, “Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook”.

He performed “One late night in 1994” by Jang Hyejin. Ateez is also the quickest boy band to earn the most Immortal Songs awards.

Proud Atinys made tweets like, “Ateez really went from performing on immortal songs as rookies, to being the only 4th gen artists to win multiple times and now they’re on the judging panel”. Another fan said: “Omgggg they went from performing to judging already how time flies”. “Remember when the staff of You Heeyeol’s Sketchbook asked jongho if he wanna be a fixed cast member there; and jongho started giggling, saying that it would be an honour?? SEE WHAT’S HAPPENING TODAY. ATEEZ AS JUDGES ON IMMORTAL SONGS.”

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