Asmongold Explains Why World Of Warcraft Raids Are No Longer Fun

Asmomgold is one of the most well-known and popular streamers on the planet. However, while he began his journey as a professional World of Warcraft streamer, Asmongold has now come to almost ‘hate’ the game.

In the past, the streamer has called the game ‘dog sh*t’ and even criticized it for censoring sex jokes. All things said, Asmongold still hasn’t fallen out of love with the game completely. He last played the game more than two months ago but says that he hasn’t quit it completely.

Asmongold Talks About WoW Raids

“I love World of Warcraft and I like playing the game. If I’m not enjoying playing the game, I just stop playing it. I do the things I enjoy and I don’t do the things I don’t enjoy. That’s the way I’ve handled the game for years now.”

Asmongold was recently asked by a viewer to go back to World of Warcraft and do some ‘fun raids’. To this, the streamer explained why the WoW raids have become boring and are no longer fun.

Here is what Asmongold said:

“I don’t think raiding is that fun at all anymore,” the 31-year-old explained as he played. “Raiding is usually just waiting for the dumbest person in the group to figure [mechanics and challenges] out.”

“And,” he added, “that happens while you have to simultaneously not accidentally make a huge mistake yourself and lose while they’re trying.”

Will Asmongold Return To Playing The Game?

“Maybe if finishing the raids helped you, got you something, then it would be okay,” he continued. “And what’s even worse is a new patch wipes everything too.”

At the same time, this does not imply Asmongold will never raid WoW games again. He even admitted that some raids ignited a little interest in him. “They made me want to raid, because there was something beyond them. I even wanted to raid Naxx, to get gear for Burning Crusade! It goes beyond one patch, and that’s really cool.

All in all, the streamer seems to have a negative outlook towards the game title at the moment. He concluded by saying “Blizzard just needs something to work towards really.”

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