Asmongold Unhappy With World Of Warcraft For Censoring Sex Jokes

Asmongold is one of the most popular Twitch streamers on the planet. He has called the game ‘dog sh*t’ in the past but continues to play it.

Recently, Asmongold expressed his unhappiness after the developer Activision Blizzard removed sex jokes from the game. The move comes as World of Warcraft developers were dragged to court last month.

What Did Asmongold Say?

The game developers have started to eliminate explicit content from the game. This includes two achievement titles that relate to sex jokes.

Asmongold said that World of Warcraft devs were ‘weird’ and ‘socially maladjusted’.

“I think that Blizzard is full of a bunch of weird developers that are probably mentally ill or socially maladjusted,” he said.

“And because of that, these people perceive sexual jokes as abuse or harassment and they’re removing it on that basis.”

‘Stupid And Reductive’

World of Warcraft gamers have not welcome the move to censor in-game content. The community wants Blizzard to eliminate toxicity and not censoring the content of the game.

Back in September, Asmongold took a jibe at the game for changing content. He called the move as ‘stupid and reductive.’

In the past, Asmongold has called the game ‘dogsh*t’ after being unimpressed about the latest patch. He also stopped enjoying the World of warcraft gaming community experience and said that it was ‘trash’.

What Needs To Be Done?

World of Warcraft developer Activision Blizzard has also built an $18 million fund to settle any harassment and discrimination claims.

The WoW community wants to see more of these measures rather than censors on the game content.

Asmongold appreciated Final Fantasy XIV Online community instead of World of Warcraft. However, all of this does not mean that Asmongold has ‘quit’ World of Warcraft.

What do you think about this story? Is Blizzard right in eliminating sex jokes or they should take a different approach? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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