After 2 Years: Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Reunite With Daughter Carly

In the latest episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’, tears rolled down when Catelynn and Tyler finally reunited with their eldest daughter, Carly, two years after their last visit.

In the November 9 episode of Teen Mom OG was a fun one for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra. But it also hold the tears and reunion. It was due to their relationship with eldest daughter Carly who is 12 years old. They haven’t seen each other for two years. So their moms and Catelynn grandma went along for the ride, too.


Catelynn and Tyler were obviously excited going into the meet-up. Afterwards, Tyler had a hard time processing his feelings. He said he nearly cried in front of Carly while they were saying goodbye. But he kept his composure until they left in order to not upset Carly, or make her feel uncomfortable. But Catelynn’s grandma said that next time he shouldn’t be so afraid to show his emotions in front of her. As she might then feel comfortable showing her own.

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Later, when Mackenzie McKee struggled to keep her blood sugar under control, she lashed out at husband Josh. She was presenting new chores to the kids and because he clammed up on camera, she ran off, slammed her bedroom door, called him a “d***”, and asked producers to get him out of the house. 

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Meanwhile, Gary Shirley reached out to a parenting coach for advice on daughter Leah and ex Amber Portwood‘s relationship. It was revealed that he shouldn’t be pushing Leah to spend time with Amber. Instead, he was told to seek some therapy with Amber and then assess how he could further help Leah.

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