Adin Ross' Instagram Live Puts Teanna Trump On Trending

Adin Ross’ Instagram Live Puts Teanna Trump On Trending

Adin Ross’ Instagram Live E-date session was with social media star, Teanna Trump. She is an American adult entertainment actress. The Twitch streamer’s E-dates have been popular as many celebrities have appeared on the Instagram live sessions. Teanna began trending after she appeared in one such E-date session.

However, she was not the only one who showed up in the live. Adin’s live also included Fortnite Twitch streamer, Stable Ronaldo and banned Twitch streamer, Kai Cenat. Ross asked Teanna if she will be a part of sexual activities along with his girlfriend who is known as Pamibaby online. Even Adin’s girlfriend joined the E-date and gave her opinion on the suggestion.

When Stable joined the live, he was roasted by both Adin and Teanna about his height. His mother also made an appearance and roasted him for not being well-dressed. Stable’s mother even mocked him for looking like an adult film actor. Teanna responded to his mother as she said he is about to meet one.

Kai appeared in the Twitch sessions where the conversation turned more explicit. The conversation about the men’s heights was a common discussion. Teanna’s E-date clearly went well as she began trending on Twitter. Users took to social media to react to the conversations.

Teanna has been a part of several podcasts before including No Jumper and Drinkin’ Bros where the actress has revealed more personal details. And no, she is not related to Donald Trump because she took the Trump initials for professional use only.

The social media star is rumoured to have been thrown out of her house after her parents found out about her career in the adult industry.

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