Adin Ross Gifts His Twitch Friend ‘Izi Prime’ A Tesla And One Year Rent-Free Apartment

Adin Ross has proved to be a true friend! The old maxim which says ‘a friend in need in a friend indeed’ was taken to a whole new level by Internet personality Adin Ross when he decided to help his Twitch streamer friend Izi Prime.

Izi Prime met fatal accidents twice in his life when he was shot. He ‘almost died’ last month. The gun shots also forced Izi into homelessness and now he struggles to make ends meet living with his grandma.

Emotional Moment

Adin Ross decided to surprise Izi Prime with a grand new apartment with one-year rent paid upfront.

He told to Izi “I know about all the sh*t you went through in your life, and as your brother, I wanted to come and help change and save your life. I went out and f**king got you an apartment bro, for a year, locked, rent-free.”

After hearing to Adin, Izi was taken aback. At first, he was reluctant to believe that Adin Ross really did that. Izi Prime felt his friend was pulling a joke on him. However, when Adin invited him inside the house and they had a tour of it, Izi broke into tears

‘I Almost Died Last Month’

“I almost died last month,” said an emotional Izi, trying to hold back the tears.

He also said “I got shot twice. I grew up in Chicago on the South Side. Moving house after house after house. I’ve been homeless for a month and a half. I was living with my grandma and my pop.”

$10,000 Cash Gift

If this was not just it, Adin later reveals in the video that he also got his streamer friend Izi a brand new Tesla Car. Adin wants his friend to get back up on his own feet as soon as possible and to conclude, he handed over $10,000 cash to Izi.

All of these resources are certainly going to help Izi Prime resume his Twitch streaming career. He has 150,000 followers as of now and the fans expect the numbers to 2x very soon, with time.

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