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‘Tekashi I Will Box You’: Adin Ross Accepts 6ix9ine’s Boxing Challenge

The world of influencer and celebrity boxing has just stepped on to the next level!

Twitch Streamer and YouTuber Adin Ross has accepted Rapper Tekashi69’s boxing challenge in his latest video and we might see an official Adin Ross Vs 6ix9ine by the end of the year.

6ix9ine Calls Adin Ross Out

After Rapper 6ix9ine called the Twitch Streamer out for a boxing match, he also said that he wants to fight Rapper 21 Savage.

The crowd has gone bonkers since the call out but now Adin Ross took to his ‘Adin Live’ YouTube channel and reacted to a video by DJ Akademiks in which he phones 6ix9ine and says ‘Adin says he will know you the fu*k out’.

‘You Need To Get You A*s Beaten’

With the first half of the reaction video not so interactive, Adin Ross was just watching DJ Akademiks and 6ix9ine’s conversation but the shocker came in the second half.

Adin Ross announced on the live stream that he will box 6ix9ine. ‘Tekashi I will box you bro’, said Adin. He added ‘you need to get your as* beaten’.

Right after Adin reveals his intention to box 6ix9ine, he admits that he might not be the ‘guy to beat him up’ but somebody needs to.

Fan Reactions

Adin Ross tells on the live stream that he ‘wants’ to get in a boxing match with 6ix9ine and asks the viewers who’d they support if the match happens.

Fan reactions have been extremely mixed. While many trolled Adin Ross for accepting the challenge, many others looked forward to him beating 6ix9ine.

‘Bruh Adin better start training tbh’ said one comment while another said ‘this will be legendary’.

Tell us in the comments who do you support in this fight? 6ix9ine or Adin Ross?


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