Adin Ross Being Called A Clout Chaser For Trying To Get Logan Paul And KSI On His Stream

Logan Paul and KSI are undoubtedly two of the biggest names of the entertainment world. Both the influencers have taken the internet by storm when tey announced a business partnership together.

Logan and KSI have launched their own ‘PRIME’ energy drink company to compete with some of the biggest businesses on earth. And guess what? Adin Ross wants a piece of the ongoing craze on the internet.

Adin Ross Calls Mike Maljak

Logan Paul and KSI did an Instagram live where they announced their energy drink company. Adin Ross happened to be watching the Instagram live of the two on Twitch and after seeing both the YouTubers in one room, Adin Ross immediately had an idea in mind.

Adin Ross wanted to do a stream featuring Logan Paul and KSI. Such a stream would undoubtedly fetch massive viewers and attention from the fans. Adin Ross dialed Mike Maljak, Logan’s very close friend on his Twitch stream and asked him whether it would be possible to get the two YouTubers on his stream.

“Yeah, yeah maybe. I think JJ is still gonna be here till Friday. It’s very possible’, said Mike Maljak in response.

‘Am I Clout Chasing’

Adin Ross couldn’t restrain his excitement after listening to Mike’s response and busted out screaming after hanging up on Mike.

“Chat, am I Clout Chasing? Be honest chat, be honest. KSI and Logan in one, oh my god. Bruh, what the fu**”, said Adin Ross.

Comments in the chat labelled Adin Ross as a ‘Clout Chaser’.

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