Zero Chill Season 2 Cancelled; Will No Longer Be Coming To Netflix

The sports drama show by Kirstie Falkous and John Reiger, Zero Chill, will not be returning for a second season on Netlifx, as per latest industry reports.

Netflix has always experienced friction with its series about ice-skating and Zero Chill just adds more certainty to the fact. The British-Canadian Netflix Original is produced by Lime Pictures.

Season 1 Performance

Even though the show had a good response from younger audiences and landed in the top 10 in many regions, it did not suffice for Netflix to renew it for season 2. Zero Chill Season 1 stayed in the top 10 in USA for five days as well.

In the second season of Zero Chill, many cast members would have returned from the first season. The cast members included:

  • Grace Beedie – Kayla MacBentley
  • Dakota Taylor – ‘Mac’ MacBentley
  • Jeremias Amoore – Bear Stelzer
  • Anastázie Chocholatá – Ava Hammarström
  • Leonardo Fontes – Sam Stelzer
  • Jade Ma – Sky Tyler
  • Sarah-Jane Potts – Jenny MacBentley
  • Doug Rao – Luke MacBentley
  • Tanja Ribic – Elina Hammarström
  • Oscar Skagerberg – Anton Hammarström
  • Stan Steinbichler – Nico Haas

Season 2 Storyline

The storyline of Zero Chill season 2 revolves around the MacBentley family and its focus on Kayla’s figure skating as she attempts to return to paired competition with an unconventional partner and friend Sky.

Due to WhatsOnNetflix, we know a little more about what the season 2 of Zero Chill could look like. Paired figure skating typically doesn’t include two female partners, so if Kayla and Sky find a way to compete you can expect their competitors to frown upon the duo. If Kayla and Sky were to win a pairs competition it would make them the first female pair to do so.

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