Zack Synder Names Hulk And Iron Man His Favourite Marvel Heroes News

Zack Synder Names Hulk And Iron Man His Favourite Marvel Heroes

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Time icon May 19, 2021

Zack Synder has revealed that he liked both Marvel comics and their movies even after being attached to DCEU. The director also shared that his favourite characters are Iron Man and Hulk. He had been previously busy setting up the DCEU for the most part of last decade. However, this does not mean that he doesn’t like Marvel.

His association with DC ended abruptly and he is still mostly associated with it. Fans are aware that there is a rivalry between the comic book brands that started decades ago. The stories of both brands came out in print and were then reinvented as movies and TV shows. Superheroes started becoming popular in mainstream media with various franchises that are currently thriving.

DC and Marvel are the two biggest players in the field and hence, DCEU and MCU have been compared to each other. But people involved have constantly proved that there is no bad blood between them. They have clearly proved it is okay to like both the properties.

Zack has become the latest to prove this to be true. He was asked by Wired if he likes Marvel while he was promoting his new project, Netflix’s Army of the Dead. The director revealed that he likes both their comics and movies. He also named Hulk and Iron Man as his favourite heroes from the brand.

Zack Reveals He Would Love To Join Marvel

Previously, the director had revealed that he is not exactly fit for MCU’s popular “action-comedy with a heart” narrative. He also acknowledged that if he tries to plagiarise the concept, it will be setting up for failure. This is because Marvel is doing it really well as per him. He revealed that he followed his filmmaking instincts and did his own thing. But he has also revealed in the past that if given the chance, he would join Marvel.

However, he said he would join it if it means that he can direct an Elektra film. Since Iron Man died in Avengers: Endgame, there is little to no chance that Zack will be able to handle the character on the big screen. The MCU is bound to be very respectful when it comes to carrying forward Tony Stark’s legacy in the future.

Tony has been the poster character which means his legacy needs to be treated carefully. However, there are better chances for Zack to direct a potential Hulk project since the character is still in the franchise. And if we are being honest, Hulk’s story has not been explored as much. But if we consider Marvel’s stacked slate, this will be far into the future.

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