From Selling Candy at School to a Successful Clothing Line: Zachary Sheaffer’s Story News

From Selling Candy at School to a Successful Clothing Line: Zachary Sheaffer’s Story

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Time icon July 1, 2020

From Selling Candy at School to a Successful Clothing Line: Zachary Sheaffer’s Story

Have you ever wondered how successful businesses came to be? Do you ever look at a brand and wish you knew its origin story? If the answer to those questions is yes, you will love Zamage’s, the clothing line, and Zachary Sheaffer’s, the founder, story. It involves childhood dreams, passion, hard work, and dedication. It is a story that will inspire you to go after what you want and reach your goals.

He moved on to sell mixed CD copies of the new music that was coming out and by the time he was 16 had numerous jobs. But he knew that was not the life he wanted. Yes, he wanted to make money, but only making it one way would make him genuinely happy. That is why at the age of 20 he opened his own 500 square feet store where he sold T-shirts, cell phone accessories, and other trendy products. The store was doing good, and after a year he signed a contract with New Era Cap Co. This allowed business to grown even more by selling New Era MLB, NBA, NLF, and NHL hats. Sheaffer was able to expand into a 5000 square feet store and sell Rocawear, Miskeen, Enyce, Akademiks, Timberland, and Converse merchandise.

Zamage clothing was then a great, growing business, but how could its founder make it even more successful? By opening an online store that delivered its products to anywhere in the world and offered very affordable prices. He started selling track pants, tops, denim outfits, shorts, and sneaker tees, among others through the website. The store was able to create great, creative, and innovative content for social media such as their Instagram giveaways. It was also able to stay relevant by updating with the constant change of consumer needs. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Zamage started selling the very demanded face masks without shipping delays.

Zachary Sheaffer has always known how to make his business deals succeed. He started by selling candy, breaking pencils in classroom doors, and moved on to collaborate on an advertising campaign with the very popular owned by 50 Cent. Every customer who ordered from the website received a free album. As a businessman, he saw a marketing opportunity and brough attention to his brand. That is what allowed him to grow Zamage from a 500 square feet store to a world-recognized brand with amazing quality and low prices.

Zamage became a successful brand because its founder took his experience and built his dream. Zachary Sheaffer has always known what he wanted and never stopped working towards that. It is because of his dreams and passions that Zamage became an inspirational business.

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