YouTuber Disguised Toast Gives Advice To Upcoming Streamers In New Video

Disguised Toast is one of the best and most-popular social media influencers on the planet. His presence spans across major social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and more.

Recently, Disguised Toast release a video on YouTube titled “this ONE trick will make you a famous streamer…”! In the video, the streamer gives practical and feasible advices to all the budding and aspiring content creators wishing to venture into streaming. And guess what was the highlight of Disguised Toast’s advices?

It was ‘NOT to stream on Twitch’. But why did Toast ask the aspiring streams not to begin their streaming journeys on the biggest streaming platform of the planet?

Twitch’s Discovery System

“You should never begin your streaming career by making a Twitch account, and just starting to stream. Because you will not get any viewers,” he said. “You guys know how bad the Twitch discovery system is?”

“If your strategy to becoming a streamer is to just start streaming and pray for the best it won’t work, you would require luck… So I always say if you want to start content creation, specifically streaming, to never start streaming as your first plan of action.”

Disguised Toast also explained that the right time to venture into streaming is after one has already built a successful base of audience elsewhere (be it YouTube, Reddit, or anything else).

“If you want to be a big Twitch streamer, don’t start streaming on Twitch,” he finished. “Start anywhere else with a good algorithm. Find out what’s popular, build an audience there, then eventually transition into streaming once you’ve given people a reason to care about your content. You have to set yourself apart from everyone else.”

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