Young Winston is cast in the John Wick prequel series

The Continental, a prequel to John Wick, has found its young Winston Scott. In the John Wick movie, the Continental is an upmarket hotel that caters to the criminal underground. It serves as a safe haven with distinct traditions and a strict code of conduct in all three Keanu Reeves-led action films.

The John Wick franchise has grossed over $600 million worldwide, owing to the smooth, visceral action that hooked fans. Reeves will return for a fourth film, which will continue the storyline of his titular character.

John Wick prequel series

The Continental is a Starz event series consisting of three 90-minute episodes that will build on the popularity of the movie. Albert Hughes, whose previous directing credits include The Book of Eli, will direct the first and third episodes. Charlotte Brändström is in charge of Episode 2, and she has a long history of directing for television, with her next job being Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series.

The story is set in 1975 New York and follows Winston Scott, a young man who is forced to face his terrible past. Winston’s adventure will show how he takes control of the iconic Continental hotel while also providing insight into his character’s past.

Colin Woodell has been cast as a younger version of Winston, a character played by Ian McShane in the John Wick movie, according to Deadline. Unfriended: Dark Web and The Call of the Wild, both starring Harrison Ford, are among Woodell’s credits. He’s also been in The Purge TV series and, most recently, The Flight Attendant, in which he played opposite Kaley Cuoco. In Michael Bay’s Ambulance, Woodell will star alongside Jake Gyllenhall.

Gibson’s role

Woodell’s casting follows Mel Gibson’s addition to the cast of The Continental. Aside from his character’s name, Cormac, not much is known about Gibson’s role. Given the nature of John Wick’s universe, he’ll almost certainly play a character from the show’s underworld. It’s unclear whether he’s a friend or opponent to Woodell’s Winston.


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