Young Innovator Discovers A Revolutionary Way In Producing Non-Toxic And Edible Biodegradable Plastic That Disintegrates Within Days

Los Angeles based, Dominican native, Geisha Montes De Oca discovered a new method of making biodegradable plastics from grapes, also known as Vitis Vinifera, which is capable of disintegrating after use in a matter of days as well as being edible and non-toxic.

Montes De Oca developed a biodegradable plastic based on grapes with the ability to disintegrate in an average of 9 to 17 days after being discarded in any environment. This idea was born two years ago during a regular practice of observation and experimentation with everyday items, that inspired an unexpected idea. In an attempt to burn grape stems, she observed the incredible resistance of the plant to heat. At that moment it occurred to her that these could be the starting components of a biodegradable plastic. She immediately began searching for scientists to carry out her vision of creating an alternative to plastic with the properties found in grapes. It took considerable effort to find someone with qualifications and environmental aspirations matching the project, who could work within a startup budget, but once the right connection was made progress ensued. 

Prototypes are in production to show the capacity and resistance of this biodegradable product in order to replace disposable plastics and thus contribute to the improvement of the environment and our health. There are biodegradable plastic out on the market right now but the time factor continues to be a major challenge. These plastics still take longer in soil and in water before they totally disintegrate. Geisha Montes newly produced material dissolves in record breaking numbers in soil and water, where the biodegradation process starts within just days. The material was inspired by the idea that the environment was continuously being a prisoner and polluted by the careless dumping of plastics all over the world.

Geisha Montes de Oca is a Dominican Actress, Entrepreneur, and Innovator. For years, she has been engaged in various philanthropic causes, stemming from her passion for humanitarianism. Her current motivation is working on ideas and technologies that could somehow impact the world for the better. This biodegradable plastic is the result of her collaboration with expert scientists in the field of Industrial Chemistry based in Kenya. She is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

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