Corona Vargi

Yellow Sky Music presents Yash Wadali’s Corona Vargi, song out now!

Yellow Sky Music recently released a perfect song in ongoing Corona outbreak titled Corona Vargi and fans are already loving it.

Sung and composed by Yash Wadali, Corona Vargi is the newest addition in the playlist as it keeps you hooked with its content and engaging music throughout which stars Sakshi Maggo.

The song is penned by Preet Word, directed by Sayan Roy, produced by Sunil Jain and associate producer being Danishh Kak and is marketed by Millennial PR and Digital.

In addition, Corona Vargi is conceptualised by Jaskit Singh Dham, choreographed by Sujin Shetty and Aniruddha Pawar from team SnA and style by Manish Kumar and Krishna Singha Roy.
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