xQc Plays Squid Game Spin-Off ‘Crab Game’ Even After A DDOS Attack

xQc is one the finest streamers on the planet. He constantly ranks as the most watched streamer on Twitch. Recently, the streamer faced DDOS attacks while he was playing Crab Game and since then, he made up his mind not to play the game again.

The success of Netflix’s Squid Game series has promoted many other spin-off games that resemble the series. One such spin-off of Squid Game is ‘Crab Game’.

What Did xQc Say?

The developers of Crab Game fixed the issue when they came to know that their systems were compromised and streamer who were playing the game on stream were forced to end their streams due to the DDOS attacks. xQc was one amongst the streamers who got affected with DDOS attacks while playing Crab Game.

In his latest stream when a fan asked him to play Crab Game, xQc explained that he would not play it again because the DDOS attacks last time caused ‘significant damage’ to his router.

“F**k Crab Game,” he said in response. “I had to buy a new router for that.”

Even when fans informed xQc that the system fault in the game was fixed, he said “They fixed it? I don’t care. I’m not going to take the risk unless I have to.”

‘Are You Sure It’s Good?’

However, just few hours after giving the statement, the streamer felt like playing the game. He asked his viewers “Can I make a Crab Game now without getting hacked? Are you sure it’s good?”

And within the next five minutes, he was back at it i.e, playing Crab Game on stream. The spin-off has risen in popularity among Twitch streamers and Squid Game fans.

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