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Connie Nielsen & Robin Agreed To Work In WW1984 Because Of Patty Jenkin’s Pitch

WW1984 was perhaps the most acclaimed superhero movies of the most recent decade. In a new interview with Collider, actor Robin Wright shared the one-line pitch that was given to her and Connie Nielsen by Patty Jenkins. Patty’s endeavors in making the film were also highlighted by Patty. Here’s the one-line pitch that sold out Connie and Robin that caused them to consent to do Wonder Woman in a moment.

Connie and Robin took up WW because of this pitch

In the interview, Robin referenced that Patty Jenkins was eager when she called her. Robin was shooting for House of Cards around then. She called her and Connie and got their view on whether would love to be in the form of one of the best warrior women of the Amazon country. Robin put forth that it didn’t take them too long to even consider settling on a decision and they concurred. She shared that the director requested that they get fit as a fiddle as they needed to shoot the movie in their 50s yet at the same time look like warriors.


Robin referenced that she venerated Patty’s films as they were often about justice and equality. She added that she generally needed to do such a film. Robin then commended Patty. She said that she was splendid and invested in a great deal of amounts of energy to ensure her film makes to the theater. She said that she did what she needed to do and didn’t need to be mean to her group. She likewise called her an energizer rabbit and said that she was extremely aggressive and centered.

About WW1984 cast


Lady Gadot as Wonder Woman was profoundly valued by the critics in the two movies. The WW1984 cast highlighted Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal alongside Connie and Robin. Connie played Gal Gadot’s character Diana’s mother Hippolyta while Robin played her aunt Antiope. The plot of Wonder Woman spins around Diana Prince who stays under the radar among the humans. Be that as it may, soon she needs to utilize her forces to battle against Maxwell Lord and the Cheetah who were the lead opponents played by Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig.

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