WriterBoy Inks Deal With Amazon Prime

Twenty-Five-year-old Writer and Director WriterBoy inks distribution deal with major streaming platform service Amazon Prime to release his debut Documentary entitled “Walking on Water” set to Premier on Amazon Prime in May of 2020. This Film will be the first film WriterBoy has stapled his name on within the last five years; after premiering his first film “Adapt” about teenage bullying at the age of 19 in theaters and bridging a name for himself in the film Industry.

Since “Adapt” WriterBoy has gone on to Direct and Produce Burger King Commercials, Netflix Commercials, and even wrote one of Googles Commercial for the latest installment of the Google Pixel 4 in their latest Social Campaign alongside his talented family King Vader. Now, WriterBoy Returns to the big screen for one mission and one mission only, to teach others to do what he’s done “How to change their lives.”

Writer insist on showing people that they can walk on water just like him! We got to see a sneak peak of the Documentry and saw that it takes you through the day to day life of WriterBoy from calls with BET, meetings with one of the amazing Director’s at Atlantic Record’s Jordan Chalmers, all the way down to WriterBoy encouraging and devoting his time to the world.

Writer is an amazing a pleasant man to speak with, he inspires you even through the phone so I know and hour length film is dedicated to changing your life is defiantly going to shift your life. I asked Writer what he thinks people will walk away from this film with he replied:

“Hopefully, they walk away with a lot of the tips, tricks, and tools that helps them change their world.”

I asked Writer what was one of the biggest moments of his last decade; he replied:

“For me one would be – It’s this Director that I have so much love and support for, his name is Wuz Good; I watched him growing up as I created my films and forced Vader to do the same. To now say that I don’t just know him, that we are actually friends is something so amazing so dope, it’s incredible. I go on red carpets, there’s Wes, I go to after parties there’s Wes, I’m at Will Smith house – There’s Wes! To be in the room with one of the men that inspired you to know that you could be that director too; now that’s, that’s amazing. The next best thing would have been if Will was home that day.”

“Walking on Water” Premiers May 2020 on Amazon Prime ® you guys are not going to want to miss it.